“Not in the dress, symbol of status, not in the jewelry, often just an expression of wealth, but in this shell that covers and sometimes reveals the nakedness of the foot, that gives slenderness to the leg and grace to the figure, is where the deepest secret of female charm lies.” “At a woman’s feet” by IrvanaMalabarba 



The imagination of every woman tends to emphasize the evocative meaning that a shoe can express.

Wearing the most fashionable accessories and footwear makes every woman part of the much-loved fashion world. Wearing glamourous, trendy accessories and shoes is a game that creates a dual perception of belonging and uniqueness.

Creations of vanity

Paradoxically, it is the choice of materials, shapes and style consistent with each personality, that makes every look unique, exclusive and original. The desire to make a difference, to make our own identity stand out with the language of fashion is what makes accessories and footwear essential, especially to keep up with the innovations of the rapidly changing modern world. Fashion makes our own image, our own portrayal, our own appearancestand out, aiming to express ourselves through items with a soul, that talk to us and support our self-esteem and vanity. Luciana Cavalli researches with style, simplicity and practicality, using materials and shapes with exclusive lines. Her creations are timeless and comfortable to wear. In relation to the different reference targets the inspirations varies from classic creations with a reliable tone, to inventions with eccentric combinations that create exuberant jewels to be worn at the feet with levity and audacity.

Consistence of style

Precious materials with a strong natural scent, leathers, pythons and crocodile. Other than the high quality of the materials, it’s the use of the plateau that makes Luciana Cavalli’s footwear unique.A rainbow of colors turns on every look.

From the basic form, infinite variants are made, that the customers can alter to their own wishes. Accessories, bags, pouches etc. that decorate every kind of clothing are a must, as a gift or as a personal treat, also available on order, all Made in Italy.

A fitting dream. Bride Collection

The Bride collection is also incomparable. Dreams shoes that every bride would want to wear. The ideal compromise between the highest aesthetical demands and absolute comfort which brings freedom. Fine textures wrap delicate shapes, plateaus that soothe the feet and make every bride safe.

A look at your feet

Colors embrace the seasons and match the most varied moods and personalities. Colors that better represent the style of who wears them.


 Shoes therefore represent the object of desire, emblem of fashion and style, personal expression of every woman that wants to be trendy and to reveal herself in an original way. What makes a shoe unique is, other than an exclusive design, also its comfort while wearing it. A comfortable heel is a desire that comes true and Luciana Cavalli can also make shoes on order according to size, choice of details and personalization following your own needs.

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