Love for creation and passion for craftsmanship give life to prestigious shoes with a soul.


Sometimes it’s the familiar traditions that give us a dream for life. Craftsmanship, passed on for generations, feels the need to renovate itself paying respect to the past, naturally.
Luciana Cavalli is now an established brand. Over the years, her grandfather Vincenzo from Piazza Armerina (1930) wisely passed on to her the tradition of footwear craftsmanship, succeeding in innovating it with style.
Confidence and passion for her art, together with her education at the Marangoni Institute in Milan, gave Luciana Cavalli the ability to create a high quality brand in the shoes and accessories industry.
The Luciana Cavalli shoemakingcompany has been formed for more than thirty years by a group of professionals that work like a family withpassion and dedication.
The conception and design phase, curated by Luciana Cavalli, is followed by the production stage coordinated by Giuseppe Mangano, husband and craftsman, essential to the implementation of the manufacturing process.



“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” George Hegel

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