For Luciana Cavalli, shoesare not only an embellishment for the feet, they shouldabove all soothe, protect and take care of them. Seducing comfort and comfortable charm are the key elements of a high quality shoe. The beauty of a shoe does not exclude its comfort.
While designing the models, shapes and materials to be used, the variety of styles that affect the various reference targets are always taken into consideration. The golden rule is that every shoe should reflect the personality of the person wearing it. Every collection is madewith an eye to current trends and the variety of tastes, always respecting the precision and quality of manufacturing.
Travels have always been a great source of inspiration for Luciana Cavalli. Observing and taking inspiration from different cultures means being able to look beyond, to create a combination between Italian quality and the hybrid styles loved and appreciated by women all over the world. To mix styles and fashions of different cultures gives prestige and uniqueness to every creation, making the collection come alive.




“…Ithink a quality shoe should be not only aesthetically beautiful, but very comfortable too.

“…classic and perfect shoes are always part of my collections for people who want to remain faithful to tradition with simplicity. But shoes with innovative design and material are also included for people who want to dare with a touch of lightness”.






Wearing the most fashionable accessories and footwear makes every woman part of the much-loved fashion world. Wearing glamourous, trendy accessories and shoes is a game that creates a dual perception of belonging and uniqueness.




Love for creation and passion for craftsmanship gives life to prestigious shoes with a soul. Sometimes it’s the familiar traditions that give us a dream for life.

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